Founded by Abraham Maslow in the 1960s, Transpersonal Psychology is a school of psychological theory and practice which recognizes the human capacity for spiritual experiences and transpersonal awakening, i.e. awakening of the potentialities beyond the ego. Transpersonal psychotherapy provides a spiritually-based approach to counseling and psychotherapy focusing on harmonizing and integrating both personality and spirituality.

I trained in Transpersonal psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and for the past three decades have worked as a transpersonal psychotherapist providing people with a safe and supportive therapeutic setting in which to explore the healing of the psyche and personality; growth of the whole person; and the awakening of spiritual potential.

Transpersonal psychotherapy can be provided in conjunction with bereavement counseling and utilizes a variety of experiential mind/body/spirit techniques for understanding and resolving problems, conflicts and concerns of one’s life situation including:

  • guided imagery
  • dreamwork
  • Gestalt techniques
  • body movement
  • stress education
  • mindfulness meditation
  • prayer and ritual
  • journal writing
  • emotional release work
  • past-life regression, and
  • symbolic artwork

Some of the issues which can be worked on in transpersonal psychotherapy include:

  • relationships
  • life transitions
  • low self-esteem
  • depression, anxiety
  • vocational goals
  • grief and bereavement
  • addiction and recovery
  • sexual abuse and trauma
  • sexuality and gender
  • existential crises
  • relationship with God
  • spiritual experiences
  • meditative and prayer experiences
  • past life memories
  • spiritual emergency and awakenings
  • religious identity and spiritual calling