One of the primary activities of the DA’AT INSTITUTE is to provide individuals and communities with functional resources on the human encounter with death, and on the spirituality of the afterlife journey of the soul.

Take some time to peruse this section of the  DA’AT INSTITUTE website. In the section of RITUALS,  are a series of poems and liturgies which can be utilized in creating contemporary rituals of burial, bereavement and mourning. In the section of ARTICLES are writings by Dr. Simcha Raphael on death and afterlife, with downloadable pdf links.

Under PUBLICATIONS you will find information on the book JEWISH VIEWS OF THE AFTERLIFE, as well as material from that book.

And finally, through the ONLINE BOOKSTORE you can purchase DA’AT INSTITUTE publications.

Additional printed and audio-visual resources will be posted to these pages as they are made available.  For more information contact